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art & photo workshops in Paris
Our workshops are designed to push deeper into a variety of subjects. We offer tour-based photo workshops to introduce even more of Paris than a single tour can. Other workshops will focus on a range of different subjects--from traditional photo practice (black and white, alternative photo processes, etc.) to a variety of printmaking techniques, experimental photo/printmaking techniques as well as classes in drawing and painting.
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photo guided tours in Paris ~ Atelier Vagabond

Our photo tours of Paris are designed to show some of the most beautiful sites while also discussing how best to use one's camera to capture memorable and lasting images. Michael has been working as a photographer and teacher for more than twenty years. He will share his knowledge of Paris and photography with students of all levels.
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Bronx Art Space
Appointment in Samarra Exhibition
Michael, along with Jonathan Shimony (paintings), Kasumi (video installation) and Rob Stupay (printmaking) will be exhibiting work together investigating our contemporary world.

Itinéraires photographiques en Limousin

Photography Festival in Limoges, France

Michael McCarthy will be particpating along with five other photographers in the 19th edition of the Itinéraires photographiques en Limousin. The exhibition takes place at the Pavillion du Verdurier (classed as a historical monument) in Limoges.

Selected Best Gallery Exhibition in Paris 2012

Michael McCarthy's Human Form exhibition held at Galerie Duboys along with Fréderique Chauveaux was selected as Best Gallery Exhibition in 2012 by Marc Lenot, writer of Lunettes Rouges blog affiliated with Le Monde newspaper in Paris. See this and other articles about Michael's work.

Upcoming Art & Photo Workshops in Paris

Photo Workshops in Paris

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The Photo Workshops will introduce participants to many of the most beautiful and often lesser-known parts of Paris. Students of all levels are welcome--as are those working with film or digital cameras. Michael has nearly twenty years' experience teaching photography in numerous university art programs in Europe and the U.S. Check out the Paris Photo Workshop page.

Two Day Group Photo Tour/Workshop in Paris:
Two half-day tours open to a maximum of four students on consecutive mornings. We'll visit the Montmartre neighborhood on the first morning and then come down the hill for the second day and roam through the trendy Marais district where side by side we'll see the latest in fashion trends and some of the oldest architectural structures in the city. To learn more about the 2-Day Paris Photo Workshop.

Pinhole Photo Workshop (Contact us to schedule a class):
A very simple way to be introduced to the magic of traditional black and white photography. We'll build a simple camera from existing metal coffee cans (in about ten minutes) and then go out to start taking photos. You'll immediately see why traditional photo still appeals so much to people when you see the images magically appear in the chemistry baths! And even better, youll be surprised at once how sharp and detailed the images are while also being so unexpected in appearance--nothing like you'll ever see with digital photography. And you don't need any previous experience with photography (traditional or even digital)! Learn more about the Pinhole Photo Workshop

Three Day Group Photo Tour/Workshop in Paris
Three half-day tours open to a maximum of four students on consecutive mornings. We'll begin with a visit to the Latin Quarter and get off the beaten path to discover this historic education center of Paris. For the second morning we'll climb the hill to visit Montmartre and its wonderful villlage atmosphere. For the third morning we'll return to the city center to roam through the trendy Marais district which is home to the highest concentration of Medieval and Renaissance buildings in the city. To learn more about the 3-Day Paris Photo Workshop.

Cyanotype Photo Workshop (Contact us to schedule a class):
This is a great class for anyone interested in moving beyond the standard photographic approach. Students who have only worked digitally or who have lots of experience working in a traditional darkroom will find the cyanotype process exciting and not very difficult to master. Learn more about the Cyanotype Photo Workshop

Photography/Printmaking Workshop in Paris & Gentilly
This workshop will be more studio oriented, although we will do at least one tour to visit some special Paris sites. The workshop is designed for students who have some experience in a black and white darkroom and/or with at least one printmaking process. Our goal with this workshop is to investigate overlaps between printmaking and photography for making mixed media pieces working between some historical photo processes and a number of printmaking techniques. To learn more about the Paris Photo/Printmaking Workshop.

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Photo Guided Tours in Paris ~ Atelier Vagabond
Contact us to arrange a date!
Come join us in Paris for our half day photo tours. We have several photography tours available to allow participants to discover some of the most remarkable parts of Paris which will allow you to see some of the world famous monuments as well as the hidden treasures that only the locals would know about! And while you're discovering the great beauty of Paris you'll learn to use your camera to capture these sites in the powerful way you want--benefitting from Michael's 25 years of photography experience! To learn about Paris Photo Guided Tours.

Classic Paris Photo Tour ~ Atelier Vagabond
Come discover the incredible beauty of Paris at night! We'll wander along the banks of the Seine and into other strikingly beautiful neighborhoods while we talk about the various technical approaches one can use to capture the stunning beauty of Paris by night! Nighttime Paris Photo Tour.

le marais photo tour in Paris ~ Atelier Vagabond
Join us on our photo tour of the Marais district in Paris where we'll see many stupendous architectural sites including the Place des Vosges, Hôtel de Sens, Hôtel de Sully and many others as we wind through the old Medieval section of Paris and what has become the trendy and elegant fashion and arts district in central Paris. Learn more about the Paris Photo Tour of the Marais!

the Covered Passages of Paris Photo Tour ~ Atelier Vagabond
Our covered passages of Paris photo tour will allow you to discover the often overlooked gems of the 19th century! These are the predecessors of the indoor shopping mall--but so much more beautiful as only the French know how to make them! Learn more about the Covered Passages of Paris Photo Tour!

the Latin Quarter Photo Tour in Paris ~ Atelier Vagabond
In the Latin Quarter we'll try to get off the beaten path a bit to show some of the lesser-known sections of this 1000 year old educational center of Paris. In addition to seeing some of the educational highlights of the disctrict (the Sorbonne, Collège de France, Ecole Polythèchnique) we'll check out some of the charming little streets with their cute cafés, restaurants and other shops. Learn more about the Paris Latin Quarter Photo Tour!

Montmartre Photo Tour in Paris ~ Atelier Vagabond
Our Montrmartre photo tour will have us investigate the neighborhood made famous again by the Amélie film. We'll follow the same streets and staircases that Picasso, Dali and other young artists used at the beginning of the 20th century when they were making their start in the art world. Learn more about the Paris Photo Tour of Montmartre!

Classic Paris Photo Tour
Our Classic Paris photo tour will allow you to see some of the most famous sites of Paris: the Louvre, the Tuilleries gardens, Place de la Concorde, the Grand Palais, the Champs Elysées, the Eiffel Tower and other sites along the way. Learn more about the Classic Paris Photo Tour

Art & Photo Tour & Workshop Instructors in Paris ~ Atelier Vagabond
Michael McCarthy
has been teaching traditional and digital photography courses in university art programs for nearly twenty years. His work is represented in Paris by the Galerie Duboys in the gallery district of the Marais. His exhibition Human Form in 2012 was selected as Best Gallery Exhibition in the Paris region for 2012 by Marc Lenot on his Lunettes Rouges blog hosted by celebrated newspaper Le Monde.
McCarthy Bio

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