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Cyanotype PortraitCyanotype PortraitCyanotype Portrait

Photo Portrait Sessions in Paris
If you're planning a trip to Paris and would like to create a special record of a part of the visit, contact us at Atelier Vagabond. We can arrange a private 90 minute session outdoors in Paris with one to four people. The portrait session can take place in one of the well-known and picturesque parts of town (along the Seine River, near Nortre Dame, the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower) or we can arrange other possible locations.

All digital images will be delivered on DVD and you will then make your own choices about printing your images.

Send us an email with your dates of availability and how many subjects will be photographed: Register Now for the 90 Minute Photo Portrait Session: 225 euros (for 1-2 people)

Another rare optional service we offer is to print one or more of your images using the 19th century photography cyanotype process. These are one of a kind prints that are handmade from start to finish. The photo emulsions are mixed by hand, coated on a high quality art paper, exposed using an ultraviolet light source and then toned for their final beautiful quality that can't be found or replicated by any digital process. These prints will be made by Michael who has been working with and exhibiting these ancient photo processes for twenty years now. See some cyanotype images here.

Price of the prints are in addition to the price for the shooting session and access to the original digital images on DVD for conventional digital prints.

Original Cyanotype Print of Portrait Session Image: starting at 150 euros!

Cyanotype Portrait
Cyanotype Portrait
Cyanotype Portrait