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Photography & Printmaking Workshop in Paris ~ Atelier Vagabond

with Jonathan Shimony and Michael McCarthy

Photography/Printmaking Workshop in Paris & Gentilly (To be Scheduled):
This workshop will be more studio oriented, although we will probably get out to do at least one tour to show some of the more intriguing and lesser known parts of Paris.The workshop is designed for students who have a decent comfort level with the digital cameras and/or with one or two printmaking processes. Our goal with this workshop is to investigate overlaps between printmaking and photography for making mixed media pieces. We will be introducing students to some alternative photo techniques such as cyanotypes, van dyke brown and gum bichromate prints. In printmaking, students will be shown different ways of approaching work in monotype, wood cut and/or etching processes. For students who have already had some experience with lithography, they may have an option to integrate this into their work. To learn more about the Photo/Printmaking Workshop.

This is a class for those who have some experience in either printmaking and/or photography and wish to move beyond the standard usages of either. We will be introducing students to a series of techniques and processes: in photo: cyanotypes, van dyke brown prints, gum bichromate and pinhole photography. In printmaking students will have a chance to work with such techniques as monotypes, collographs, wood cut and etching or stone lithography. With each of these techniques and processes, the goal is to attain a comfort level that will allow students to begin to understand the possibilities each offers and then to explore working between various processes to build mixed media pieces which might include two or more photographic and printmaking processes (although nothing excludes us from also dealing with drawing and painting into the work created.

The studios have an excellent printmaking facility with a good sized etching press for printing monotypes, etchings, woodcuts and collographs and then the very rare large scale litho press with dozens of litho stones.

For the photography processes, students will be encouraged to work digitally to speed up the process of transferring imagery into the enlarged negatives necessary for the historic photo processes we will be exploring. We are currently using a black and white laser printer to print off decent quality negatives up to A4 size (approximately U.S. letter size).

If these dates don't work for you we are also available to set up private photo tours to meet your schedule.

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Cost for photo/printmaking workshop: 595 euros

Included in the workshop:
• Michael and Jonathan's instruction over the course of 4 days.
• One lunch at the end of the first morning session.
• Basic photo and printmaking materials and tools will be provided (students may need to supply some printmaking papers depending on how much printing they do)

Workshop Benefits:
This workshop will be more studio based than some of the other strictly photo-based workshops offered by Atelier Vagabond. The studio is located in Gentilly, just beyond the Southern border with Paris (and easily accessible via RER line B). JOnathan and Michael each have a very diverse background as artists and often play in their own work with mixed media approaches. The overall of the workshop is to introduce students to some new printmaking and photo processes and then to begin playing with interesting ways to mix and match these various processes to create truly unique works.

The workshops will allow students to:
•be exposed to at least one or two new photo processes (including cyanotype, van dyke brown and gum bichromate)
•gain additional exposure to printmaking processes (including monotypes, collography and various etching processes)
•an exposure to mixed media techniques working with printmaking and photo processes.

Periodically during the course of the workshop, time will be spent as a group to look at and discuss each student's work and to offer suggestions of ways to refine technical and aesthetic choices to help improve the quality of images.

Workshop Features:
• Four half days (approximately 4 hours) of photography/printmaking instruction in studio.
• Group demonstrations of various photo and printmaking techniques.
• Individual discussions on technical and aesthetic issues with each student.
• At least one group critique of students' work.

• Lunch will be offered by Atelier Vagabond after our first morning session.
• Groups limited to maximum eight students allowing for a good size demonstrations and discussions of a number of issues concerning printmaking and photography.

Price: 595 € Click here to join our mailing list.

NOT included in workshop fees:
• digital or film cameras, memory cards, recordable CDs, DVDs or film
• transportation from your home to Paris
• accommodation in Paris during the workshop
• any meals and drinks other than those explicitly indicated in the program
• travel and emergency medical insurance.

• Fees are payable in Euros (€) by secure on-line credit card payment.
• A non-refundable deposit of 100€ is due when registration is confirmed.
• Remaining balance (495€) is due 30 days prior to the workshop start date.

Refund Policy:
• Within 2 months of workshop start date: 100 % refund.
• Within 1 month of workshop start date: 75% refund.
• Within 2 weeks of workshop start date: 25% refund.
• Within 1 week of workshop start date: 0% refund.
• If Atelier Vagabond should be required to cancel a tour or workshop, a full refund of all fees paid will be provided.

To register, please send email telling us how many people you'd like to register and we'll give further payment instructions:
Register for Photo/Printmaking Workshop

about us

Michael McCarthy
has been teaching traditional and digital photography courses in university art programs for nearly twenty years. His work is represented in Paris by the Galerie Duboys in the gallery district of the Marais. His exhibition Human Form in 2012 was selected as Best Gallery Exhibition in the Paris region for 2012 by Marc Lenot on his Lunettes Rouges blog hosted by celebrated newspaper Le Monde.
McCarthy Bio

Jonathan Shimony has lived in Paris for more than fifteen years and has taught painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture and other classes in numerous American and French art programs. His work is represented in Paris by the Galerie Métanoia just one block from the Centre Pompidou.
Shimony Bio